If you or your organization are thinking about commissioning a “whiteboard video”, think again.

What you really want is animated scribing.

Scribing is the the art of translating a spoken presentation into memorable images that ensure your audience will retain the key concepts of your message.

It’s experienced artistic attention to your message that separates scribing from simple drawing and produces a story that people will talk about and share.

Drawing from 30 years of experience in illustration and facilitating creative expression, children’s book author Bruce VanPatter, will take your script and translate it into a visual narrative focused on the core of what you have to say. Arbour Media then works to transform Bruce’s art into a short film that blends live drawing, studio art, and animation.

The partnership of BVP Illustration and Arbour Media has provided animated scribing services to some of the world’s leading corporations and it’s ready to tackle your project.

If you don’t yet have a script, or are unsure if your concept will work as an animated film, we also offer a range of creative consulting services to help you refine your message and develop your project. In addition, we also offer related illustration, graphic design, graphic recording, and video production services of value to any organization.

How Does the Production Process Work?

Download our production process guide.

For More Information

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